Empowering Indonesia Economy Trough Technology

One Small or micro Businesses at a time

What Do We Do ?

We Provide Services, Software and Apps that enable micro, small, and medium business to embark on their digital ventures


Indonesian Entrepreneurs find it more convenient and faster working with us to transition their business


Access to high technological and convenience platform as simple as playing instagram. Online merchant could save time from technical setup and focus on selling and branding their products.


We are uniquely consisted of team members who are very dedicated in  Indonesia E-Commerce. Our senior team have many hands-on practical experience with great achievement so merchant does not need to repeat the time consuming learning process we have undertaken.


Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses Are The Bedrock of Indonesian Economy

Indonesia have a huge potential on its people who could make a huge impact if properly empowered


Micro, Small, and Medium Businesses Supported


Package Delivered

Our API Partner

API Partner Logos


Solution that are created from an online seller for an online seller. At the very beginning we sell product on marketplaces too. Now, we have evolved our models to provide apps, network, and services for online sellers

Integrated Inventory Software

Inventory software that are connected to marketplace’s seller’s system (tokopedia, shopee, etc) but also very easy and simple to use for the non-literate computer users

Typical Seller Warehouse

Shipping Services

Integrated shipment services that are connected with multiple third party shipping provider (JNE, J&T, Sicepat, Anteraja, Ninjavan, and etc). Merchant could save time and hustle just by combining multiple process into one convenient routine.

Shipping Services

Social marketing

Seller platform to connect with multiple influencer (K.O.L.) network who solely focus on getting sales work done.

Influencer Marketing

Who Is This For ?

Eventhough we would like to get our product to the hands of every online merchant in Indonesia, we realized that currently our product are best suited to those :

Online Seller

What Are you Waiting For ?

If you are one of the above mention, We are here to help

“Every Adventure Requires a First Step”



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